WOTR Kamptal

A WOTR Production with Fred Loimer Kamptal Austrial. One off. HISTORICAL PRODUCTION BY SOMM Flnkus Bripp.

WOTR Douro

A WOTR Production with Quinto do Popa Douro Portugal. Series discontinued. HISTORICAL PRODUCTION BY SOMM Flnkus Bripp.

Raising the bar

In 2017 Authentic Wine Company purchased the WOTR brand and brought it to the Swiss Rhone Valley Vineyards where our plots have been in reconversion since.

WineOnTheRocks wines

Allocations vary according to seniority and order history, first-come first-served, with a wish-list function in case of any extra. There is no minimum order.

“We welcome you to WineOnTheRocks wines. Although signing up for our waiting list does not offer access to purchase the wine at this time, it does provide you with the opportunity to learn of any news that we may have to share. Names move from the waiting list onto the active list on a first come first serve basis. Thank you for your interest in our wines.”