We are the Swiss Rhone Valley Winegrowers; vintners and growers dedicated to crafting wines with a sense of place. The tightly drawn boundary lines of this globally distinctive wine-growing region in the Swiss alps inform an authentic wine expression.

Authentic Wine's backers are dedicated Swiss Rhône Rangers. Their mission is to educate the public on Rhône varietal grapes grown in Switzerland and to promote the production and enjoyment of these wines.

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There is something special and distinctive about the wines from the Swiss Northern Rhône Valley. We dedicate our efforts to continiously examine the unique terroir of the true Northern Rhone Valley in general and Chamoson in particular, and the agricultural and chemical factors that explain the special aromas and flavors of the Alpine (ROCK) wine. company | Rue du Nazot 8 | CH-1955 Chamoson
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The Domaine

authentic wine


Authentic.Wine Company is a new domaine located in the Swiss Rhône Valley. Over the the next few years, it will make it its mission to craft food-friendly wines of incredible depth, individuality and character—all from fruit grown entirely using bio dynamic farming.

The Location

Chamoson - the heart of the true northern Rhône Valley


Nested within the Swiss Rhône Valley, Chamoson of Valais resides entirely on the right side of the valley, perched above the Rhône river. This web site is designed to meaningfully engage the growth to come, while providing a primer for virtual, as well as feet-on-the-ground, visits to the Swiss Northern Rhône.

The Wines

Rhône varietals mostly but not uniquely


The domain is currently being established and no wines have yet been produced that are commercially released. company
Rue du Nazot 8
CH-1955 Chamoson
Tel: 052 301 28 88
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052 301 28 88